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  • Ming

    Inspired by the Cape Leopard’s elusive nature and patterned camouflage, this series of sculpted ceramic leopards, called “Ming”. Each with unique hand painted glazing is a visual comment on how wild animals faced with human encroachment have to adapt to survive and avoid conflict or capture. Colours are inspired by the white earthenware ceramics of […]

  • 50 Cow Girls

    “50 Cow Girls” – A body of work, inspired by the multiple roles of cattle in Africa. A collection of bronze sculptures, paintings and photographic works. Traditionally in the “Labola” system, when a girl is married, the groom has to pay the brides family “labola” or bride price. The price or number of cows is determined […]

  • Wild Potions & Human Notions

    Seen through the lens of the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic resulting from the indiscriminate consumption of wild animals, these artworks offer a narrative from the virus’s origin to the evolution of a vaccine, to cure mongering and potion peddling. Motivated by the human threat to other animals and the pending environmental meltdown, we see ourselves though […]