Onguma Fort

The lessons of Africa reach far across this mysterious continent. In another great desert to the north, the architecture of living places has remained rooted in the rich and beautiful heritage of desert dwellers and camel traders who understood how precious water had more uses than to quench a throat parched by heat and dust. Blowing like the wind across towering mountain ranges, through great Rift Valleys and across the mosquito coasts of the equator, the teachings of the northern desert dwellers have inspired the vision of one man to design Onguma, The Fort. On the Eastern borders of the vast Etosha Pan, luxury takes on a different dimension. Tranquility is cool; richly coloured fabrics whisper on breezes through open spaces that ease the eye away from the sizzling heat of the plains beyond. Shoes are removed to feel the earth and cement floors, cooled by the streams of water that calm prickly senses with a gentle sound of ‘flow’. You’re on your own, but not alone.

Title: The entrance

Title: The courtyard and roof terrace

Title: The interior

Title: The interior

Title: The water canals running through the building act as a natural air conditioner

Title: The water canals

Title: The deck and pool

Title: The pool and deck

Title: The pool

Title: Pale Chanting Goshawk

Title: Lilac Breasted Roller

Title: Zebra

Title: The room interior

Title: Sunset