Floating Feather

The bronze sculpture titled “Floating Feather,” was crafted with inspiration from the client’s fondness for birds, the sense of place of the surrounding natural beauty, as well as the weightless nature of a feather’s physical structure. To achieve the desired effect, I sculpted five feathers that appear to be suspended in mid-air, creating a stop-motion sequence that captures the moment of descent before settling on the water’s surface. To enhance the sculpture’s fluidity and sensory experience, water ┬áis pumped up inside the feathers, allowing water to trickle out slowly along the edges, producing a soft and soothing sound. The final installation is placed in the farm’s dam, adding an organic and harmonious element to the surrounding environment. The spiral structure is used to create a contrast between the weighty bronze material and the airy delicacy of falling feathers, ultimately amplifying the sculpture’s sense of weightlessness.

As a conceptual artist, I am invited by clients to visit their homes and engage with them and their surroundings. Through this process of observation and interaction, I am able to conceive an idea and a concept for a work of art that resonates with the client and holds significance and meaning. As a result, the artwork transcends being a mere purchase of art from a gallery, and becomes instead, a creation that holds personal meaning.

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Title: Concept sketch

The creative process starts with sketches

Title: The Maquette

Referencing actual feathers a scaled maquette is created

Title: The master sculpture

Creating the plaster master using clay on a metal armature

Title: Making a mould

The master sculpture is cut into individual feathers and the silicon rubber mould is made

Title: Time for wax

A wax cast is made and gated in preparation for the ceramic shell

Title: Time for fire

In the "lost wax" bronze casting process, wax is burnt out of the ceramic shell in preparation for the bronze

Title: Molten Bronze

At 1000c the bronze is melted and poured into the ceramic mould

Title: Hammer time

When bronze cools down, the ceramic shell is chiselled off, revealing the bronze casts

Title: Sparks start to fly

The cast pieces are assembled and welded together around a stainless steel armature

Title: Time for some colour

The bronze is cleaned and using heat and chemicals, the bronze is coloured or patinated

Title: Time for a crane

The sculpture is transported to its final location at Le Poirier, Franschoek and installed

Title: Water drops gently, the concept is realised

Title: Floating Feather, Le Poirier, Franschoek