It’s in everyone’s nature to search for journeys and experiences that will define us, as part of writing our own life’s story. Athol’s ability to tell stories through photography is the stuff of international awards. A gifted artist, his work is prized and collected. Treading lightly, he is instinctively drawn to uncover the heart of the story underlying an experience, then to retell it through crafting scenes of imagination with words and images.

Marketing is a skill that starts with storytelling, building expectation. The real journey begins when a traveller takes the first step to make his imagining real. The challenge that lies at your destination is to exceed the expectations of the traveller’s imagination.

The story, the journey and the experience will then become part of traveller’s life’s story, to be retold and remembered forever.

Here is a selection of journeys and commissioned assignments.

  • Namibian Horseback Safari Company

    Namibia is an ancient land charged with challenges. Vast desert regions that defy the thought that life could exist here, yet for hundreds of years elephants have walked in the footsteps of their forefathers, across the oldest sand dunes on the planet. Traversing the Damaraland Desert on horseback is one of the last great wilderness […]

  • Onguma Fort

    The lessons of Africa reach far across this mysterious continent. In another great desert to the north, the architecture of living places has remained rooted in the rich and beautiful heritage of desert dwellers and camel traders who understood how precious water had more uses than to quench a throat parched by heat and dust. […]

  • Ratelfontein Private Game Reserve

    The Great Karoo, a semi-arid area covering much of central South Africa, is home to many indigenous antelope. “Ratelfontein” meaning honey badger fountain was so named in 1838 and lies in the heart of this wild land, extending over 38 000 acres.

  • Tanda Tula

    Tanda Tula’s is an expression of what epitomises ‘private, secluded and tranquil’ – the authentic African experience. Suites are canvas under thatch with sumptuous Victorian style baths and outdoor showers; spacious wooden decks overlook the river bed; a scene of secluded luxury. The privacy of the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, located on the borders of […]

  • African Horseback Safaris

    There is no better way to experience the Okavango Delta and its wildlife than on horseback. The annual flooding of the area makes the Delta inaccessible to vehicles, making horses the most natural and exciting means to explore. The pace of riding is varied; in between fast and thrilling gallops alongside giraffe, zebra and buck, in water […]

  • Sanctuary Retreats

    A pristine landlocked wilderness, vast and untamed, Botswana offers unparalleled game viewing and an extremely varied safari experience across its broad, flat and open expanses of savannah, desert, saltpan and wetland. The latter makes up the Okavango Delta, the largest inland delta in the world. Every year, the Kavango River, swollen by the summer rain […]