Curated Legends

Athol Moult is a conceptual artist whose approach brings the backstories of his subjects to life, creating people-centered artworks that through their engaging nature carry strong cultural and societal messages. Through collaboration with globally renowned figures – like Nelson Mandela and Pelè, he has highlighted the impact and legacies of these icons, encouraging viewers to engage more deeply with their stories and accomplishments, while reflecting on their contribution to culture, society and history. Athol believes that art should contribute to inspiring conversations, building stronger cultural values and social character.

  • “Mandela Magic”

    The concept of ‘Mandela Magic’ or ‘Madiba Magic’ was born on the day of Mandela’s 1994 inauguration, signifying the profound and inspiring influence his presence had on people globally. The Portrait Collection ‘Mandela Magic’ was inspired by a series of photographs of ‘Madiba’, capturing a truly magical moment in time. Created by South African artist […]

  • The Art of Pele

    Content coming soon!