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  • Floating Feather

    The bronze sculpture titled “Floating Feather,” was crafted with inspiration from the client’s fondness for birds, the sense of place of the surrounding natural beauty, as well as the weightless nature of a feather’s physical structure. To achieve the desired effect, I sculpted five feathers that appear to be suspended in mid-air, creating a stop-motion […]

  • Curated for Conservation

    In collaboration with Wildlife ACT, this collection of vulture inspired artworks was exhibited at The Walt Disney Family Museum’s first Cause Awareness exhibition, titled: Creative Conservation: The Art of Endangered Animals. “Wildlife ACT is both proud and excited to partner with the Walt Disney Family Museum to bring vultures to life, through art, showcasing this incredible […]

  • Ming

    Inspired by the Cape Leopard’s elusive nature and patterned camouflage, this series of sculpted ceramic leopards, called “Ming”. Each with unique hand painted glazing is a visual comment on how wild animals faced with human encroachment have to adapt to survive and avoid conflict or capture. Colours are inspired by the white earthenware ceramics of […]

  • 50 Cow Girls

    “50 Cow Girls” – A body of work, inspired by the multiple roles of cattle in Africa. A collection of bronze sculptures, paintings and photographic works. Traditionally in the “Labola” system, when a girl is married, the groom has to pay the brides family “labola” or bride price. The price or number of cows is determined […]

  • Wild Potions & Human Notions

    Seen through the lens of the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic resulting from the indiscriminate consumption of wild animals, these artworks offer a narrative from the virus’s origin to the evolution of a vaccine, to cure mongering and potion peddling. Motivated by the human threat to other animals and the pending environmental meltdown, we see ourselves though […]

  • Wild Imprints

    Wild Imprints is a creative endeavor inspired by the efforts of wildlife conservation organizations such as WildLife ACT and Elephants Alive. These organizations are dedicated to documenting and monitoring critical wildlife species to ensure their survival. Through my Wild Imprint art-making process, I seek to capture the essence of these magnificent creatures by incorporating them into the art-making process. Unlike conservation scientists who take blood samples, attach tracking devices and mould teeth after darting a wild animal, I create imprints of their footprints, ears, tails, trunks and skin. Working in collaboration with scientists, I use water-based paint, ink, and pencil to document the moment. The photographs taken during the art-making process are an integral part of the final artwork, providing a record of the site-specific interaction and serving as both evidence and provenance of each piece. Through Wild Imprints, I aim to convey to viewers the physical proof of the existence of these wild animals, whose time on Earth may be limited, and to remind them that we are not the only creatures that matter.