Namibian Horseback Safari Company

Namibia is an ancient land charged with challenges. Vast desert regions that defy the thought that life could exist here, yet for hundreds of years elephants have walked in the footsteps of their forefathers, across the oldest sand dunes on the planet.
Traversing the Damaraland Desert on horseback is one of the last great wilderness adventures; a journey that changes one’s perspective on life. Led only by the horses who’s instinct guides them to the next watering point; nights under the stars cooking over open fires, telling stories of wonder and daring. A close bond of trust builds between riders and their horses, as does a new respect for earth and her wonders.

Title: The start of a new day

Title: Following ancient dry riverbeds

Title: Galloping across endless plains

Title: Landscapes constantly change

Title: From rocky mountains -

Title: grassy plains

Title: A rare encounter with desert elephants

Title: An open fire and a cool drink after a long day in the saddle

Title: The ancient sandstone weathered over millennia to become the red dunes of this desert

Title: Cooking over an open fire - nothing smells quite so tempting

Title: The vast Damaraland Desert meets the mighty Atlantic Ocean

Title: A celebration of 8 days of life lived differently

Title: Brand identity and brochure design